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Ioannis Kantartzis was born in Ottawa, Canada and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece. He studied Economics (BA Hons) at the University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece and graduated in 1994. He earned his Master’s degree (MSc in Money, Banking and Finance) from the University of Birmingham, Birmingham, UK as well as a Diploma in Political and Economic studies from Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain.

He holds all relevant professional certifications and qualifications, including that of options market making, order execution and financial products. He has a 20 year experience in the financial markets having served as an executive in high caliber roles at investment banks and brokers, both in Greece and the UK, with an emphasis on OTC (Over the Counter) products and online trading, covering a big array of interests such as CFDs, Foreign Exchange, Options, Stocks, Structured products, API etc across the global markets. Lastly, he is an Associate member of the CISI in the UK and forms part of other committees and financial clubs in Greece, Spain and the UK


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El oro esta listo para brillar

El oro esta listo para brillar

La diversificacion a nivel global y los nuevos maximos de los indices principales, hacen que la correlacion entre las distintas “asset classes” entre en nivel positivoIoannis Kantartzis, socio